Introducing the Social Media Lead Gen Master Bundle to

Attract Your Future Clients

Ready To Use Instantly

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Social Media Manager Lead Magnet Mockup

Are you a Social Media Manager looking to skyrocket your lead generation game? Look no further! Our all-in-one “Social Media Lead Gen Master Bundle” is tailored exclusively for you.

Thousands of small business owners are asking the same question:
“How can I get more leads, more clients and more customers?”

You know the answer can be found through their socials… but you’re in the same boat.

You also need more leads to create more clients.

And I bet you have your socials dialled in just right!

The proven system for attracting your niche and securing leads is a Lead Generation System.

The first step in that system is your Lead Magnet

And THAT'S where many people GET STUCK

Get Unstuck With A Ready-Made Lead Magnet

created especially for Social Media Managers

+ PLUS Tailored Bonuses to Help You ACCELERATE Your Success.

Grow Your Social Media Business

Offering a free resource can help you attract potential customers to your business. It is an important part of your lead-gen strategy that will set you up for building your leads list.

The ready-to-go Lead Magnet in this bundle can help you:

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Capture the attention of potential Clients

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Build Your Profile As An Expert In Your Niche

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Build Brand Loyalty

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Generate High Quality Leads

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Increase Conversion Rates

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Re-Engage Past Clients

Start Attracting Your Tribe Today

Without Spending Days Creating a Lead Magnet


Social Media Lead Magnet Topics:

How to take insta-worthy phone photos

10 practical tips teaching how to take better photos on a smart phone.

A topic strategy to fuel stories & reels

5 themes for daily video content and a planner template.

Secrets to making post images stand out

Pattern interrupt, stock image fatigue and AI Image creators – covered.

Content creation equipment

Equipment suggestions for stand out styling and quality videos.

Make it your own

Customise To Your Own Brand

YOUR BRAND MATTERS. That’s why I’ve created this so you can:

customised lead magnet to brand

Add your logo and it’s ready to go

customised lead magnet text

Edit the content to your own topics and niche

customised lead magnet to brand

Easily rebrand with your own fonts and colours

edit without special software

Edit It Without Special Software*

* created with Google Slides. All you need is a free Google account to access and edit.
Take The Next Step To
Launch Your Lead-Gen Strategy

Customise To Earn Passive Income

Creating additional income streams is important to a thriving business.
That’s why I’ve created this so you can:

earn affiliate income

Add your own affiliate links & create income

icon target your own niche

Add in your own content to target your niche

icon split content

Split it into multiple files to fuel your funnel

icon affiliate program explained

Included a Free Affiliate Explainer Guide

Or Use It Just The Way It Is
To Attract New Leads Straight Away


Learn the Strategy for Attracting Your Tribe

If you’re new to lead gen and lead magnets, don’t sweat it. I’ve got you covered. I’m including a BONUS bundle of goodies that includes our Lead Magnet mini course to help get you started.

Online Course about Lead Magnets

The Mini-Course Will Teach You:

What is a Lead Magnet?

Find out the basics of what a Lead Magnet is, and where it is used to fuel business growth.

Do You Need a Lead Magnet?

Learn how businesses are using Lead Magnets and how the fit within the big picture.

What Type of Lead Magnet Should You Use?

Learn the different formats people are using for Lead Magnets and which types are proven for success.

How Do YOu Make A Lead Magnet

The best tools and resources that make Lead Magnets easy to create with professional results.

5 Key Insights for Proven Results

Discover the 5 key factors to adopt to create a compelling lead magnet that people want.

The Quick & Easy Ready Made Lead Magnet & BONUS BUNDLE

Start attracting New Leads Today

One Payment Of


Social Media Marketer Lead Magnet Bundle

Here’s Exactly What You Get:


Ready-Made Lead Magnet (Google Slides)


Explainer video on how to edit the Ready-Made Lead Magnet (Video)


[BONUS] Affiliate Marketing A-Z Guide (PDF)


[BONUS] Interactive Lead Gen Blueprint


[BONUS] "Attract Customers. Just Like a Magnet. Only Stronger" mini course (Video series)

All delivered through your INSTANT ACCESS Digital Swag page!

Your Questions Answered

What happens after purchase?

You will be sent to another page with a button and password to access your bundle. The bundle is stored together in a special page built just for you. There is a tab that links to each item included in the bundle.

The Ready-Made Lead Magnet link will prompt you to make a copy of the file. You will need to save it to your Google Drive.

You will also receive an email with the link and password for your records.

What is a ready-made lead magnet?

Lead Magnets are an excellent tool for capturing the interest of people searching for information about set topics. A Ready-Made Lead Magnet has been created with well researched content and professional styling so you can use it straight away in your own lead generation system.

Is this only suitable for Social Media Managers and Marketers?

The topics overed in the Lead Magnet include:

  • 10 tips and tricks to take better photos on a smart phone
  • A simple topic strategy for creating stories and reels content
  • A video topic planner
  • Secrets designers use to help make social media post graphics stand out in the crowd
  • Top 3 photography equipment pieces for standout product styling
  • Top 3 video equipment pieces for quality videos

If those topics relate to your customers and clients, then this Ready-Made Lead Magnet is suitable for you. Remember too, you can edit the content to be whatever you want.

Do I have to edit this?

There are two areas where there is a placeholder for your logo. At the very least, you should replace those with your logo, or remove them all together. It is then up to you how much more editing you give it.

How do I edit it?

Only the Ready-Made Lead Magnet is ready to edit. It has been created in Google’s Slide application. You can easily edit text, images, content, everything – just like using Word or most document programs.

Once you have saved your copy it is ready to edit straight away.

What software do I need to make changes?

You only need a free Google account to use the Ready-Made Lead Magnet. It can also be used and edited in Powerpoint. Once you have finished making any changes you can download it as a PDF file to use as your actual Lead Magnet.

I am not tech savvy. Will I be able to make this work?

We chose to create this in Google Slides, because we believe it is the simplest tool to use. We hear so many people struggling with Canva. So yes, even the most tech challenged people will be able to use this. AND we have included a video that shows you how to use it as well.

What else will I need to create a lead gen system?

It is important to understand that the Lead Magnet is just one part of a larger system – the Lead Generation System. If you are new to lead generation, we have included our Lead Gen Blueprint and the Lead Magnet training series to teach you more.

Can I get refund?

As this is a digital product there are no refunds.

What is an Affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is where you promote other people’s products or services for a commission. An Affiliate Guide is included in your purchase to help you learn about being a successful affiliate marketer.

Do I have to be an Affiliate to use this?

NO, definitely not. You can use this straight away without being an affiliate with anyone. We only mention the possibilities of using your own affiliate links to help you potentially earn extra income from your lead magnet.

How can I earn money from this?

Firstly, there is no immediate way to make money on this product. It is possible for you to add your own Affiliate links to the Ready-Made Lead Magnet. With those in place, there is a potential for you to earn commission on those links – but no guarantees. Earnings are between you and the Affiliate program you are a part of.

What currency is this in?

We are an Australian business, therefore this product is sold in AU $ (Australian dollars). GST is included.

Tanya Euler - Graphic Designer

I’m Tanya – designer & digital marketer at Artifex Marketing Studio

Hello and welcome to Artifex Studio.

Fun Fact: The most popular pages on my blog are those about lead magnets! And my most popular lead magnet – is also about lead magnets! LOL Go figure!

Plus, in the email series that follows, most people tell me they are STUCK creating their lead magnet, because they don’t have the time or they’re not happy with the end result. Does that sound like you too?

That’s why I created this ready-made lead magnet just for Social Media Managers like YOU! To help you get unstuck and start attracting potential clients – asap.

But wait, I have a secret. Some of my personal lead magnets and lead generation systems include affiliate links. So when someone clicks a link and continues through to buy the product – I earn a small commission (sometimes a big commision). It’s a great feeling to earn a little extra income with no extra effort.

That’s why I have created this custom lead magnet in a way that you too could earn some extra income, by adding your own affiliate links. If you are new to this Affiliate game, don’t worry, I’ve included my Affiliate Guide to introduce you to it all.

I hope this helps you increase – in leads, customers, income and as an authority in your field! enJOY


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