New Year. New Website Gains.

Fresh Strategies for Continued Growth.

Your website isn’t just pixels and text; it’s the beating heart of your digital identity. It’s your storefront in a bustling online market — a vital asset for your business’ success.

Website Audit sample

More than a collection of content, pages and posts…

Your website is your 24/7 brand ambassador, your sales engine, and the gateway to new opportunities.

How is it measuring up?

Has your website been on a steady rise with consistent engagement? Or are things slowing down? Or worse, stopped!

Are any of these website woes holding you back?

Declining Traffic

Have you noticed a drop in website traffic, leading to concerns about your online visibility and potential missed opportunities?

Reduced Inquiries or Conversions

Has there been a decrease in inquiries, leads, or conversions impacting the business’s growth and revenue?

SEO Challenges

Is it struggling to rank well on search engines affecting visibility and making it harder for potential customers to find you?

Stagnant Growth

Not experiencing growth or staying stuck at a certain level leading to missed potential and competitive advantages.

Fortunately, there’s a way forward.

A Website Assessment is your roadmap to revitalizing your online presence.

By delving deep into the intricate layers of your website, it uncovers the root causes behind dropping traffic, sluggish conversions, SEO hurdles, and missed growth opportunities.

The diagnosis will arm you with precise strategies and actionable insights, paving the way for a transformation that propels your website towards increased traffic, higher conversions, enhanced SEO, and dynamic growth.

Say goodbye to another year of declining inquiries!

No upfront payment means No Risk

Here are the common problems we are finding in 98% of websites:

It's missing the important foundations for SEO

Too many websites are developed without the essential foundations of SEO. Websites that are not optimized for search engines may struggle to rank in search results, resulting in low traffic and missed opportunities.

Ineffective Calls-to-Action

Websites that lack compelling and strategically placed calls-to-action can miss out on opportunities to convert visitors into leads or customers.

The content is not correctly formatted

The person adding blog posts isn’t aware of how to format the content for search engine optimisation or for visitor readability.

Lack of conversion optimization

Websites that do not employ effective conversion optimization strategies, such as clear conversion funnels, persuasive copywriting, or optimized landing pages, may struggle to convert visitors into paying customers.

Lack of clear messaging

Websites that fail to clearly communicate their value proposition and benefits to the target audience can leave visitors confused and uncertain about what the business offers.

Inadequate content

Websites with low-quality, irrelevant, or poorly structured content can fail to engage and inform visitors, leading to a lack of trust and credibility.

Technical issues

Websites plagued by broken links, slow loading times, or compatibility issues across different devices and browsers can lead to a frustrating user experience and deter visitors from staying on the site.

The design is out of date

Websites with outdated designs or visuals that don’t align with modern aesthetics can give a negative impression and fail to engage visitors.

It’s hard for most people to know if their website is a victim of these concerns. That’s where I come in… I can help.

No upfront payment means No Risk

Unlock the Potential Already In Your Website with Proven Strategies that Improve Ranking and Ignite Growth.

What does a Site Assessment help you achieve?

boost search results icon

Boost Search Visibility

Optimize your website so it ranks higher in search engine results, attract organic traffic, and reach a wider audience.

up to date website

Stay Up-to-Date

Identify outdated content, design flaws, or technical issues that may be hindering your website’s performance.

maximise website performance

Maximize Performance

Identify and resolve performance issues, enhance loading speed, and optimise it for the best user experience.

competitor comparison

Get Ahead of Competitors

Embrace continuous improvement, keep up with industry advancements, and outshine your competitors.

What does the Site Assessment cost and what do you actually get?

normally $770

SAVE $330

Pay only $440

We usually charge $770 for our Site Assessments. This is a genuine discount for the new year and those who are serious about transforming their website for better performance.

No upfront fee.

Start your Website Assessment with us. First we check your website to make sure we can weave our magic. If we’re confident that we can, we’ll send you an invoice for payment… and then we get started!

This is what you get:

A Real Live Human Assessing Your Website

This isn’t AI and it isn’t automated software. A real human will be navigating and reviewing your site.

An Honest Assessment of Your Website's Status

Design, Content, Technology, SEO, Usability, Strategy and Accessibility are checked and assessed.

A Personalised Website Walkthrough Video

I navigate your website as I demonstrate our findings and demonstrate where the gains can be made. You can refer back to it, or send to your developer to action.

A Personalised Website Marketing Strategy

An outline of the best 3 strategies recommended to deliver fast improvements and measureable gains.

A Clear Pathway Forward to a Website that Performs

Don’t let your website fall behind!

Take action today and unlock the true potential of your online presence with a professional website assessment.


Click here to setup your website assessment today. No payment required.

We will take a look at your site and determine that we can rescue your website first. Then we will contact you to get started and show you how you could transform your website into a powerful tool for your business success!

Tanya Euler - Graphic Designer

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Tanya Euler, and I am a seasoned website designer/developer with over two decades of experience in crafting websites that empower business owners to elevate their expertise, brand, and mission.

Over those years, technology has changed – a LOT. And this year is seeing an even greater leap as new AI assisted technologies and major changes in website development start to make their impression. Most websites, even new ones being built today, are not being developed in a way that takes full advantage of what’s known and needed for websites to shine.

That’s why I am on a Website Rescue Mission. I am eager to repair and refresh websites that have not been well-developed for gaining good results in search and in the minds of your customers.

My goal is to rescue small businesses and not-for-profits by improving their online presence and visibility through better website design and optimisation.

By embracing the power of digital marketing, sooner rather than later, you can future-proof your business. That can only happen if you start now!